Day 1 on being Chemo-Girl

Yay! The day finally arrived, winter is coming, prepare yourself; those birds have flown! (I just always wanted to say that.) If you don’t do Game Of Thrones you’ll likely not appreciate it, so no more of those references. It is late autumn now though, and while winter is coming I think I will always remember how startlingly beautiful the day was here for my first chemo session.

These are pics from the road we drove out of Cleveland Heights, to Chagrin Highlands for my first session. The brisk, tangy, quality of the air can’t quite be captured.
 My husband Jerry baked a Pumpkin Spice Bread with a crumble topping for the nurses station, he’s the best cook ever and he thinks of everything. For the duration, the nurses couldn’t have been more accommodating.
I was edgy and distracted and skipped breakfast as I am wont to do, and drank my 3 or 4 cups of coffee. The appointment was at 12:30 and I was told to eat something before I came so I had a Turkey sandwich on Challah and some potato salad (with 4th coffee). I should have been thinking water, agua, H2-0, along those lines. There had been talk of a “port” at my collarbone for prolonged easy access, and while if that’s what we need to do, why that is what I will do, but I’m resisting this option due to the fact that I have so little in the way of accessories that would make an outfit say “I meant to have this look.” Not to mention the little loop of tubing at my neck is not going to do anything for the appeal of the wigs in my immediate future. However, we brought the regular I.V. home at the bottom of the ninth and were able to proceed with my first cocktail of anti-nausea (ad nausem, like seriously, there were no less than 4 drips of those) and Doxorubicin. Super Deluxe.
The bright side of this game of “chase the vein” that we played for an hour today is that all the nurses agreed that my veins looked great and if I could just bring myself to hydrate my body before I came in again, we could put off scheduling the installation of a not so fetching port. Another bright side actually, was that this was a breeze once we got started. Some of the stomach relaxers managed to relax me right into a nap — and who among you can schedule those with impunity on a week day. I’m seeing perq’s here. On the other hand, I’m feeling just a tiny bit disoriented and my stomach is questioning the wisdom of the order-out chinese I just delivered to it, so . . . we’ll see.
I mentioned the wigs right? I was trying on wigs over the weekend, and will certainly add more pics just as soon as I find better results, but here is one option that slayed me. Does this remind you of anyone?
No? Anyone?
For those of your not familiar with her, here is a photo of my mother.
God Bless.

One thought on “Day 1 on being Chemo-Girl

  1. I was sure I had commented on this post, and then I remembered, it was an email to just us sisters and brothers. You look so much like our dear mom. Fabulous picture of you. Fabulous and heartwarming picture of our mom and dad. Love you, sister.


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